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152 W.Gartner Rd,

Suite, 116

Naperville, Il 60540

Mon-Fri    9:30am -7:00 pm

Saturday 10:00am - 3:00pm

Sunday Closed

Dr.Pranali Sirohi , VSP® In-Network Provider

The Eye World is in-network provider for all VSP vision insurance plans and your in-network pre-paid benefits go further at The Eye World

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Take advantage of your VSP benefits during your coverage period. 

Your VSP benefits make it affordable to glasses and savings on backup glasses. 

You can choose to buy contact lens supply instead, and additional savings on glasses. 


Dr.Pranali Sirohi

Eyewear, Lenses & CONTACTS!

Whether you wear glasses or contacts, or opt for LASIK, you can always learn more about your corrected vision care by seeing your VSP In-network doctor. Schedule an appointment today or call our office for more information about lenses, frames, and contact lenses.



Excellent care for myself and two young children. Staff great with kids and high attention to detail.


The store manager and the Optometrist both went out of their way to help me find the right glasses. 


The staff  is so helpful. My entire family goes here and is very happy with the doctor and the staff.

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