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We are dedicated to bringing you the most advanced contact lens materials and designs available, as well as the latest in contact lens fitting techniques. New developments in soft contact lens materials have resulted in lenses which are more comfortable, less dry, and more “breathable”, allowing more oxygen to reach the eye, and these materials are now available in a wider range of prescriptions and wearing modalities.

Advancements in lens designs for the correction of astigmatism and for bifocal wearers have also allowed more successful contact lens wear for many of our patients. 

Through careful examination and measurement of the eyes, and the application of the latest materials and fitting techniques, we are able to successfully prescribe contact lenses to many patients who previously were unable to wear them.

Contact lenses are an ideal alternative to glasses, for sport or social activities or even as a full time solution for those who hate wearing their glasses.

They are being developed all the time, in new materials and new designs, which means that more and more people are candidates for lenses. If you’ve been told that you are not suitable for contact lenses in the past, this may not be the case now.

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